Saturday, June 13, 2009

THLord Jamal Damien Marcus - Fighter Poem - awdl

THLord Jamal Damien Marcus
fallen in Fall Crown Tourney, A.S. XXXIII

(embelished awdl)

From the land of Cedars tall
Came the eagle hight Jamal
To the land where beauty's call
Snared his heart to love's enthrall
For lovely Amberdrake.

Hour after lonely hour
Perched atop his Cedar bower
While his thoughts grew dark and dour
And his taste for life grew sour
Helpless in fair beauty's power
Fixed his eyes upon the tower
Of aeried Amberdrake.

Stately in her might and mane
Mistress of her own domaine
Wings that beat to love's refrain
While they scoured the sky of rain
The awesome Amberdrake.

How to catch her eye? he thought
What great bauble could be brought
What amazing treasure wrought?
High and low the eagle sought
To flatter Amberdrake.

But what jewel could e'er aspire
To match the color of her fire
And fan the flames of love's desire
Lest it spark disdain and ire
In fiery Amberdrake?

Then it came to him in need -
He must do a daring deed
Win the throne of all Caid
To present his case and plead
His troth to Amberdrake.

High into the air he flew
Where the sky was barely blue
And the world took on the hue
Of golden Amberdrake.

Feeling that he faced his doom
And his heart would fairly swoon
Boldly did he beg a boon
Of favored Amberdrake.

Musing on Jamal's request
Thinking he must speak in jest
She plucked a scale plate from her breast
And made to him a grand bequest
That he could fight on the behest
Of graceous Amberdrake.

Feeling that his heart might break
Or his pinions fail and quake
He swore to fight for honor's sake
For regal Amberdrake.

So the eagle came to ground
Where all the fighters of renown
Fore gathered on the field of Crown
And took his fate and cast it down
To fight for Amberdrake.

First to face the eagle's skill
Was the champion of Rhael
Madog was Jamal's first kill
Hoisted on the eagle's quill
Bringing to his heart a thrill
Of hope for Amberdrake.

Next an eorl crossed his path
And the eagle faced the wrath
Of an aardvark with an axe
Who attacked with great dispatch
The champion of Amberdrake.

As Jamal lay on the field
While the sky around him reeled
Thinking that his fate was sealed
He could not bring himself to yield
His dreams for Amberdrake.

As his claws to hope did cling
Suddenly his ears did ring
And his heart did swell and sing
At a most amazing thing
Around him beat the golden wing
Of mighty Amberdrake.

Buoyed by this draught of air
His foul prospects turned to fair
And bold Jamal could once more bear
To strive for Amberdrake.

Onto the field did bound a hart
As white as snow and quick to start
Which gave the eagle strenth of heart
To try to take this foe apart
To please his Amberdrake.

But fate did not arrange it so
And fortune favored Whitehart's doe
As Jamal's heart was wracked with woe
The mighty eagle was laid low
And left as fodder for the crow
Bereft of Amberdrake.

But just when hope was nearly gone
A vision 'lighted on the lawn
And dragon wings began to fawn
Their healing ministeries upon
Jamal who knew the heart he'd won
Of tender Amberdrake.

-- Mistress Philippa Llewelyn Schuyler empty vessel for the Muse

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