Friday, June 12, 2009

Marcel Longueville - Fighter Poem - Petrarchan Sonnet

Marcel Longueville
fallen in Fall Crown Tourney, A.S. XXXV

(Petrarchan Sonnet)

"Forgive me, dear Contessa, for my part
I'd hoped to lay a crown upon your hair.
For I could think of no jewel so rare
As Caid's Own to show to you my heart.

"But Fate was ranked against me from the start
As Ivan illustrated, with a care.
Though I dispatched a trio with a flair,
Sir Maachi, alas, took me apart."

"Do not despair on my acocunt, my lord.
What care I for a jewel-bedecked crown?
Your high regard is good enough for me.

So put away your helm and sheath your sword;
Stow your armor and lay your banner down.
But come the Spring...well let's just see, shall we?"

-- Mistress Philippa Llewelyn Schuyler a weaver of words and wadmal

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