Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sir Ciaran MacDarragh - Fighter Poem - awdl

Sir Ciaran MacDarragh
fallen in Fall Crown Tourney, A.S. XXXIII


Ciaran took the field of play
On Autumnal Crown Tourney day
Amid the pennants flying gay
And nobles in their fine array
To see if his skills would hold sway
And keep all challengers at bay
Through fight on fight in battle fray

Paganus was first
Come to do his worst
In arch'ry well-versed
In this battle cursed
His heart fairly burst

Duryn the Red Baron
Came to fight Ciaran
Blows that should hit square on
Didn't work for Duryn

Ciaran's Lady Chretienne took heart
Her champion had made a gallant start
How powerful to strike, how quick to dart
In battle he could take his foes apart
But sweetest dreams can turn to bitter tart

Dietrich was the next to fight
Dressed in colors blue and white
Few could face the Teuton knight
And not feel his cold steel bite
Though it was an awesome sight
Sir Ciaran's hopes took flight
Giving Chretienne a fright

Ciaran bounded to the field
That one loss could not make him yield
As 'round the eric fighters reeled
Ciaran knew his fate was sealed

An aardvark with an axe
Ciaran-ward made tracks
He parried Garr's attacks
But finally grew lax
And paid the final tax

Crown Tourney Day has come and gone
The kingdom knows Tomuki won
The fights they fought were all in fun
And come the spring they'll fight anon

-- Pippin Skylark

...always tart and crisp

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