Friday, May 18, 2018

Duke John at Gwyndaf of Holdingford

Duke John ap Gwyndaf of Holdingford

(Shakespearean Sonnet)

A knight from Holdingford came to Caid
The Crown to win by might and martial skill.
A brace of bears to slay e'er he proceed
To knock a raven from the sky to kill.

Duke John surveyed the field with spirits high,
The ground awash in blood and target rich.
The better to display his skill and ply
His swordsmanship to scratch a Royal itch.

But now the stakes are raised for Holdingford;
The battle of the dukes a mighty fray.
First Mansur drove John to the bloody sward
Then Patrick put paid to John's tourney day.

The Royal fight advanced as day wore on.
Twined rosemary enwreaths another one.

Mistress Philippa Llewelyn Schuyler empty vessel for the Muse

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Alsander Bardon ~ villanelle

Alsander Bardon


Alsander Bardon

The meremouse flits in search of prey
Sounding out the target-rich field.
Contenders clash to gain the day.

Sable crescent joins in affray;
The wing’d bat forces him to yield.
And meremouse flits in search of prey.

Three bears cuff the bat away;
A weakness of meremouse revealed.
Contenders clash to gain the day.

A battle axe attempts to slay,
But easily the bat has wheeled.
The meremouse flits in search of prey.

A castle strong stands in his way
And forces bat at last to yield.
Contenders clash to gain the day.

The field was fierce in martial play;
The bat knocked to the battlefield.
The meremouse flit in search of prey;
Contenders clashed to gain the day.

--Mistress Philippa Llewelyn Schuyler
...weaver of words and wadmal.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Lord William Ulfsson

Lord William Ulfsson

(verse in iambic pentameter)

A pack of wolves came hunting ~ green and gold
A’flash across the verdant battle field ~ they spy
A hunting horn, three paw prints in the wold
And run to ground Bjorn, who fell thereby.

An eagle in a cedar tree took flight
The snapping pack to harry, but alas
It flew too low ‘til wolves could snatch a bite
And Eowyn’s Jamal fell to the grass.

Likewise a hare came bounding ‘cross the field
And charged the pack of wolves in feverish mien.
The rabid rabbit quit the battlefield;
A wolven midday snack was Snorri’s bane.

Alexander’s golden hippo spied
The pack of wolves a’frisking on the lawn.
Tooth and claw met armored hippo hide;
The river horse dispatched them with a yawn.

Undaunted, Liam’s pack shook off the loss:
Eyed a sloth in arboreal repose.
Alas, Sven proved a fractious foe to cross
And brought the wolf’s son’s tourney to a close.

Like stars, three dragonflies encircle him
As Aesa plies her loving, healing balm.
Crown Tourney Day has ended now for Liam
Who did acquit himself with great aplomb.

--Mistress Philippa Llewelyn Schuyler empty vessel for the Muse

Monday, June 19, 2017

Sir Omar ibn Haroun Al-Askari Al-Rumi

Sir Omar ibn Haroun Al-Askari Al-Rumi
fallen in Spring Crown Tourney, A.S.


A soldier of the Byzantine set forth
Across the Levant bound for distant lands.
To win a kingdom for his fair Katrin
He braved sirocco winds and burning sands.

Sir Omar crossed snow fields and storm-tossed seas
As foreign to his nature as the stars
That led him ever onward to his goal:
A kingdom he might gift his paramour.

Caid is such a land whose throne is won
By one who bests the best who fight this day.
Beset by Vikings: Snorri, Haldorr, Sven
He bested one, then fell in mortal fray.

No accolades, no wreath of rosemary.
But Omar lives to fight another day.

-- Mistress Philippa Llewelyn Schuyler
...a weaver of words and wadmal.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Dobby Is Free!

I am now officially not the editor of the fighter poems anymore.  Twenty-five years (50 books) is enough I think.  Paul fitz Denis will do a fine job I'm sure.  Best of luck to him.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ambrose Wyld ~ Pantoum

Ambrose Wyld


Immortal Scotsman, Ambrose hight,
A challenge to the ground did fling
Upon the tourney field to fight
Agrippa, once and future king.

A challenge to the ground did fling,
His swordsman’s skill to put to test
Agrippa, once and future king;
Alas, Agrippa proved the best.

His swordsman’s skill he put to test
For Lady Apollonia.
Alas, Agrippa proved the best;
For Ambrose, catatonia.

The Lady Apollonia
Foresaw this outcome from Delphi:
First Ambrose, catatonia;
Then rise he would, fates to defy.

She saw this outcome from Delphi.
Ancient skills she wove by design:
Rise he does, his fate to defy.
Ambrose next will face Byzantine.

Ancient skills woven by design
Can only glimpse what fates portend.
Ambrose faces the Byzantine.
His tourney day comes to an end.

She only glimpsed what fates portend
Upon the tourney field of fight.
His tourney day came to an end;
Immortal Scotsman, Ambrose hight.

Mistress Philippa Llewelyn Schuyler

…is a 15th century Burgundian wool merchant who thinks she’s a 10th century Viking weaver.

Fall Crown Tourney '16

Monday, October 31, 2016

Duncan MacBryce ~ englyn penfyr

Duncan MacBryce

(Englyn penfyr)

Day dawns bright on Caid’s Crown Tourney day
     Pennants gay o’er verdant ground
     Catch the breezes eric ‘round.

Silvery sea-horses leap to the fore
     Lion’s roar makes Sabine weep
     Leaves bold Duncan in a heap.

Undaunted, the sea-horseman shakes it off
     Duncan scoffs and takes a stand:
     His lady will rule this land!

A boar-hunting canine rushes the field
     Duncan wheels in battle flush
     ‘Round the eric falls a hush.

Gentle Sabine won’t let herself worry
     Her furious spirit stirs,
     The bard privateer to spur.

Contenders clash, dog and sea-horse engage.
     Battle rages on the lea
     Duncan is brought to his knees.

Duncan’s tourney rounds alas ran their course.
     Tho sea-horseman’s day is past
      His courage is unsurpassed.

Mistress Philippa Llewelyn Schuyler

…is a weaver of words and wadmal.

Fall Crown Tourney '16