Saturday, June 13, 2009

Syr Valdemar den Ivrige - Fighter Poem - Terza Rima

Syr Valdemar den Ivrige
fallen in Spring Crown Tourney, A.S. XXX

(Terza Rima)

Syr Valdemar a'viking he did ply
Across the dolphin road to Caid's shore;
To test his skills in battle he would try.

To win a kingdom worthy of the chore
De Barri was the first to cross his path;
Den Ivrige rocked the baron to his core.

Then Lord Phillipe was next to face his wrath;
Cassaundra might have known her lord would fail
But nothing could have changed the aftermath.

Lord Sasha kissed his lady, feeling hail
But all too soon he bid her fond farewell -
The Viking plucked the feathers from his tail.

Sir Luther raised his hammer, but he fell,
And Valdemar began to think he might
Win through to capture Caid's crown as well.

But good Sir Jacob gave Syr Val a fright
As through the forest he was forced to flee;
He met his match in Maxamillion's might.

"The woods are filled with giants, here, I see,"
Thought Valdemar, as Silver Oak strode forth
And proved a Viking could fall to a tree.

Syr Valdemar had hoped to prove his worth
And win for Vanentina rosemary;
Perhaps in fall his hopes will find rebirth.

-- Misteress Philippa Llewelyn Schuyler

...spinning yarns while she plies her craft

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