Friday, June 12, 2009

Sir Sven Gunther Alcan - Fighter Poem - ljoðahattr

Sir Sven Gunther Alcan
fallen in Fall Crown Tourney, A.S. XLII


Out of the Northland / arid and stark
Haven of a hardy rose,
Baron of the sand-sea, / Sven Gunther hight,
Sought the Crown of Caid.

Graceous Muirenn / gave him her hand;
With her favor he took the field.
He bested a foeman / —his first of the day—
Beorn, the warrior-bard.

Thorvald Olafson / tested Sven next.
The viking vaulted the eric.
The baron just smiled and, / swinging his sword,
Whittled the woodworker to flinders.

Gunnar observed this, / grinning to himself.
The wyvern took wing on his shield.
Jorgensen crushed / Sven Gunther’s rose.
Gravely, Muirenn gathered up the petals.

In her hands / his health returned.
Once more Sven mounted attack.
Alas, he misjudged / Jamal’s sword-skill:
The eagle plucked the argent rose.

Back to the sand-sea / stark-haven of warriors
Muirren bears Baron Sven home.
With time, and hope / and her healing hands
Spring will again bring Sven’s rose to bloom.

— Mistress Philippa Llewelyn Schuyler a 15th century Burgundian wool merchant’s daughter who thinks she’s a 10th century Icelandic viking weaver. Her family humors her.

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