Wednesday, June 3, 2015

THLord Gunther of Orkney ~ Will's poem

THLord Gunther of Orkney
fallen in Spring Crown Tourney, A.S. XLIX

(rondeau prime)

A heart of flame alights in fierce display
Uncanny mirror of the desert sun
That seeks the hour when will and deed are one
And dolphins dip their heads in chief array.
The shade of bold Aquila swiftly plays
Across the spread of fortunes that become
A heart of flame.
Though bending stream and oak your flight constrain
And severed pinions tell of hopes undone
From passion's end shall newborn passions run;
No wounds nor tempered twilight long can stay
A heart of flame.

-- Lord Will Schuyler the Younger

.. is a 15th century Englishman of uncertain destination: apprenticed to the wit of arithmetic, he still at times endeavors to court the muse.

Spring Crown Tourney'15

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Baron Rudolf Fekter

Baron Rudolf Fekter
fallen in Spring Crown Tourney, A.S. XLIX

(common measure)

From the land where dragon’s breath                            
Can freeze a man mid-step                                               
Came Rudolf with his sword so bright
The baron of the steppe

To win by prowess for his dear
Amicia a wreath:
Yellow roses of Caid
A kingdom to bequeath.

Niccolo a Landsknecht
And armorer renowned
Tried to repousse Rudolf,
Got hammered to the ground.

Buoy’d by this auspicious start
The baron took the field
To face Liam the son of wolf
But Ulfsson made him yield.

Never one to give it up
Rudolf regained his feet.
With a bow Amicia-ward
He didn’t miss a beat.

Rushing forth to meet a Rus,
Sir Ozmund he was hight,
Rudolf tried his best to win;
Was bested by the knight.

Rudolf’s tourney journey’s done
Amicia wears no cirque.
“Never fear, my dear,” says she
“My love you cannot burke.”

-- Pippin Skylark

...always tart and crisp

Spring Crown Tourney'15