Saturday, June 13, 2009

Edric's Ode - Fighter Poem - Ode, Sapphic

Edric's Ode

(sapphic measure)

Rosemary I'll place on your head with pleasure
Just for thee I'll garner a kingdom's treasure
Fair Caid has never beheld your measure -
Albra Regina!

Black as coal, your tresses I'll grace with silver
Like the moon, the brighter for night's encounter,
Caid's Crown will shine on your head as never -
Albra Regina!

Take your rightful place on the throne beside me
All Caid shall bask in your grace and beauty
"Populace, behold your new Queen, the lovely -
Albra Regina!"

-- Mistress Philippa Llewelyn Schuyler thrall to the Muse

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