Friday, June 12, 2009

Sir Malachi Halfdan Brightskull - Fighter Poem - Anglo-Saxon verse

Sir Malachi Halfdan Brightskull
fallen in Fall Crown Tourney, A.S. XXXIV

(Anglo-Saxon verse)

Cold is the homeland / of Halfdan Brightskull
Southward he quests / seeking fame and fortune
Warming the journey, / his wife Aleksina,
Wellborn maiden / Mistress of his heart.

Bound for the Black Sea / Brightskull plies his trade
Raiding and trading / as trinkets he gathers
To adorn his lovely / Aleksina Taisiya.
On such a journey / one treasure enthrawls him:

Crown and bright scepter / Caid's high king seat.
Boldfaced and brazen / Brightskull sets forth
To capture a kingdom as / keepsake for a queen.
Brightly glints the sun / off Brightskull's helm -

An omen of victory - / emboldens his heart.
Dawud ben Jibriel / dares to bar his path.
Swift is the swordplay / that sends Dawud reeling
Back to the ministrations of / Mivanou his lady fair.

Then Calam encounters / cold steel of the Rus
And seeks the succur of / Sylvia Dragomani.
The claws of a tyger / test Brightskull's skill
But Marcel soon longs for / Leonora's cool balm.

Bright now the splendor / beaming from the sun
On Galen it glistens / glancing from his shield
Blinding Brightskull. / Bravely he fights on
To clash with an eagle / Eowyn's champion.

The eagle falls earthward / to amberdrake's tending.
Emboldened once more / an earl he chances
Sea skimmer and serpent / steel clashing like thunder.
At last it is settled / Edric the victor -

Soon to be king / Caid's chosen son -
Brightskull is bested / by Battista's champion.
Dark now the dreams of / dear Aleksina,
Cold comfort awaits / the consort of Brightskull.

But warm is the fire / free-flowing the mead cup
Ne'er ending the tales / told in Valhalla
As Brightskull the Rus / recounts all his victories
Here in life, / now houseguest of Odin.

-- Mistress Philippa Llewelyn Schuyler a 15th century Burgundian wool merchant who thinks she's a 10th century Viking weaver.

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