Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ragnar of Sandcastle - Fighter Poem - Anglo-Saxon verse

Ragnar of Sandcastle
fallen in Spring Crown Tourney, A.S. XXVIII

(Anglo-Saxon Verse)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxRagnar questing:
Sea-foam skimmer / seeking his wierd,
Riding swan's road / ripe for glory,
Comes to Caid / cresting ridges.
Eager earth-stepper / striding to battle,
Mien unmeasured.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxMaid of the Greymist,
Heart's ease, hopeful, / hears the clamor -
Steel bites steel hard, / sparks are flashing,
Bright the battlefield, / brave the contenders -
She waits and watches.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxWoe to Ragnar,
Bested, battle-weary. / Bold of spirit,
Luck-only lacking. / Lost to Tino,
Tried and tested. / Terrible outcome:
Fierce the fighting, / fair encounter.
Heart-horde heavy.

xxxxxxxxxxxxHopeful Katherine,
Greymist maiden, / much enduring.
Brave, unblushing, / bent on paying
Hero's homage / to her consort,
As best she's able.

xxxxxxxxxxxxAnd forth goes Ragnar
Once-killed, undead, / Arab-seeking.
Husam harkens, / hearts are gladdened.
Blood-thirst building / blades are eager.
Flashing fire, / foes are well-met.
Desert-dweller / dread doom-bringer,
Sand-skimmer strikes; / Sandcastle topples,
Death-blow delivered.

xxxxxxxxxxxxDoleful Katherine,
Maid of the Greymist, / moved to tears, she
Woefully wishes her / warrior good-journey.
Valhalla-bound Viking, / Valkyrie-greeted.
Ragnar, sea-steed rider, / roams no more. He
Heads for heart-home.

xxxxxxxxxxxxHealth resored them,
Well-met warriors / Valhalla are liking:
Death-blows daily / deal in battle;
Rise each, rested, / ready for feasting.
Merry the mead-hall!

xxxxxxxxxxxxMeeting nightly,
Eased of earth-bonds, / aerie-dwelling.
Brave in battle, / bouts unending,
Tall the tales are / told of Ragnar!

-- Mistress Philippa Llewelyn Schuyler

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