Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sir Guy of Castle Kirk - Fighter Poem

Sir Guy of Castle Kirk
fallen in Fall Crown Tourney, A.S. XXXII

Course on course and stone on stone
Slaked with lime and blood and bone
Ev'ry surface cut and hone -
Rises Castle Kirk

Firmly rooted on the land
Tier on tier the years to span
The hand-work of an artisan -
Guy of Castle Kirk

Of one purpose, working long
Toiling through the dusk and dawn
Building to his own drum song -
Raising Castle Kirk

Every battle lifts a tier
Firm of heart and duty clear
Facing foemen with a cheer -
The Duke of Castle Kirk

Wulfric, Viking, Thjostolf's son
Challenged Guy in headlong run
Brick on brick, another one -
Building Castle Kirk

Sasha, Lady Eilidh's dear
Faced the duke without a fear
Now he's added to the tier -
Expanding Castle Kirk

Charged a bull from distant Spain
Thought to make the mortar rain
But the mason trawled again -
Tamping Castle Kirk

Dietrich, Duke from Vogelsang
Clashed with Guy 'til armor rang!
To meet with him his friends must gang -
To distant Castle Kirk

Rustam, one of Allah's knights
On Guy's towers set his sights
Now he spends his days and nights -
On guard at Castle Kirk

Then Sir Gar, an aardvark tall
Fought Sir Guy and made him fall
Undermined the castle wall -
Sapping Castle Kirk

Undeterred, Sir Guy held sway
Facing Dante in the fray
Ground him down and made him stay
Slaking Castle Kirk

Portico to tower high
Ev'ry course is checked by Guy
While he waits upon the Bye -
Spanning Castle Kirk

Erecting is a tricky thing
Prey to fickle fortune's swing
Duke Sir Guy may be the king -
Of his own Castle Kirk

Roirke fought this tourney day,
Toppled Guy in frenzied fray
Sent the builder on his way -
Back to Castle Kirk

Stone on stone and brick on brick
Slake the mortar good and thick
Lay the course and make it stick -
Rebuilding Castle Kirk

-- Mistress Philippa Llewelyn Schuyler

...was inspired by Lord Will Schuyler (who knew he'd have to write it if his mother didn't!)

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