Friday, June 12, 2009

Patrick O'Malley of Uldia - Fighter Poem - filk

Patrick O'Malley of Uldia
fallen in Fall Crown Tourney, A.S. XXXVI

The lion and the pussycat came to Crown
In a handsome new horse-drawn cart.
They brought along armor (and a fancy new gown)
Determined to act out their part.

"Oh Pussy, dear Pussy, I'll make you a queen!"
Said the beast to his lady love fair,
And he charged to the field with a wink and a gleam
And a toss of his mane in the air.

A challenge accepted, the battle was met
And a butterfly buzzed 'round his head.
A flick of his paw dealt the pesky insect
A swat that left butterfly dead.

A lion rampante now stalked to the field
And roared to his cousin erased.
A cat fight ensued until one had to yield -
Pussy smoothed ruffled fur back in place.

So restored, Pussy's love took the eric with pride
Where a mongoose regarded him, 'ware.
Feline worried the weasel and gnawed on his hide
'Til only the lion stood there.

But tigers are cats of a different stripe
And the next battle proved his undoing:
Their furious fight made the feline fur fly -
More battles the lion's eschewing.

Well the lion and pussycat came for a crown
But they went home again in their cart,
With armor now dented (a slightly used gown),
And an unfulfilled dream in their heart.

-- Pippin Skylark

...always tart and crisp

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