Monday, June 15, 2009

Problems with my blog ;- \

I'm having a problem with this blog. It started yesterday, just after I added my last (and ironically first) fighter poem. Now just about every other time I view my blog I get that "Internet Explored has encountered an error..." message and it shuts down the internet.

WTF?! I've never encountered this problem with blogger before -- and I have 18 blogs. I've only ever encountered it occasionally when a site I'm trying to access doesn't work for some reason. So why is this blog in particular acting that way now?

I'd think perhaps I've made too many entries, but in poking around the settings, I think that's more like a limit of 500, not 100. So what gives?

My experience with blogger is that they have no way to contact them with a question. They have generic questions that will be answered generically, but none of them seem to fit this problem.

Bill doesn't have any idea. Perhaps Will will have a clue.

Now to see if this post will actually load, or bring my blog down again. ;- \


Yep, it brought the blog down, but at least it took the entry first. Now let's see if it will accept this addition.


It took it, but it came down again. I can do this all day. I think I've made my point. Now to figure out why....

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