Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Christmas QED

Christmas QED


Clippity-clop! Is it reindeer on the roof?
Just branches a-scratching at the shingle.
The skid of the sleigh, the prance of each hoof;
Clippity-clop! It’s reindeer on the roof!
Santa is coming – there’s no clearer proof!
A trick of the wind sets icicles a-jingle.
Clippity-clop! Hear the reindeer on the roof.
Scratch go the branches against the shingle.

--Philippa Schuyler


I wrote this for Kyrieth's poetry project in '03, where there were monthly assignments, sometimes with parameters of form or subject matter. This one was for a triolet, but it was Christmastime, so I went with a Santa theme.

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