Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lord Blaine de Navarre - Fighter Poem - my first

Lord Blaine de Navarre
fallen in Caid's Crown Tourney
16 Avril A.S. XXII (1988)*

What brings a lad bedecked in chain
To win or die in drizzling rain -
xxxxHis art along?

Or is there one whose beauty fair
And gentle ways belie compare -
xxxxHer heart to own?

They say that Lord Blaine de Navarre
Espied Cassaudra from afar -
xxxxAnd favor sought.

He plied his sword against the best;
And 'though he fell, it was with zest -
xxxxThat Lord Blaine fought:

Earl Edward Ian Anderson
Who bested Blaine, and sent him on -
xxxxTo fight again.

Then Baron Sir Richard of Blackiron threw
A blow that cut poor Blaine in two -
xxxxAnd he was slain.

But when a one as Blaine does say:
"I did for you my best this day" -
xxxxTo claim the crown.

Honor and Courtesy as one
Pay homage to this Erin's son -
xxxxWho gained renown.

-- Philippa Schuyler

*Natalya was the editor

Here it is at last: my first fighter poem. Not knowing the first thing about writing poetry, I cheated and copied the pattern of a song: What Is a Youth? from Romeo & Juliet

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