Sunday, June 14, 2009

Zombie Haiku

So Lin threw down the gauntlet, and this is what I came up with. Talk about deathly prose...

How can I convince you
I only love you for your brains?
The zombie's lament.

What a dish!
Life is a movable feast
To a zombie.

Tall and wan and young and jerky
The girl from Ipanema does
The zombie bassa nova.

"Drill here! Drill now!"
The energy savvy zombie
Gets with the program.

Tangle on the turnpike--
Drivers gambled with their lives;
Zombie jackpot.

Blood on the gridiron--
Zombies lurch across the field.
Hey, who moved the ghoul post?

Zombies on the rise!
The world is coming to an end!
Film at eleven.

A Hail Mary pass--
The quarterback has lost his head.
The zombie found it.

Heads will roll:
The ghoulie ate the ball.
Zombie soccer.

The zombie lolcat
Ivites the loldog to lunch:
Nom, nom, NOMMS.

I'll lose my mind
If I have to write one more
Zombie haiku.

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