Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sir Dante Lizza de Benvento

Sir Dante Lizza de Benvento
fallen in summer* crown tourney, A.S. XXIV
(terza rima)

The wood is dark and perilous.
Sir Dante picks his way with care,
His mood is somewhat querulous.

A horseman with a baleful stare
Hight Richard Clerke holds fast the way.
The battle that ensues is rare.

Sir Dante leaves him where he lay
And travels out the wood to spy
A swordsman with a vert cachet.

Now Lorccan proves a plucky guy.
They weave their way across the ground
'Til Dante cuts him down to size.

His will is strong, his skill profound,
And Dante thinks he may just make
It through this trial with corpus sound.

'Tis honor for Johanna's sake
That moves Dante to face Mansur.
They close and cause the earth to quake.

The fight is somewhat of a blur,
And Dante shakes his head to clear
The fog as he begins to stir.

Wait! Bearing down a bull austere
Meets Dante as he gains his feet.
The clash this time is quite severe.

It ends for Dante in defeat.
His noble run is now complete.

-- Pippin Skylark
...always tart and crisp

*fall crown is now held in aug. -- does that make it summer crown?

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