Thursday, June 22, 2017

Lord William Ulfsson

Lord William Ulfsson

(verse in iambic pentameter)

A pack of wolves came hunting ~ green and gold
A’flash across the verdant battle field ~ they spy
A hunting horn, three paw prints in the wold
And run to ground Bjorn, who fell thereby.

An eagle in a cedar tree took flight
The snapping pack to harry, but alas
It flew too low ‘til wolves could snatch a bite
And Eowyn’s Jamal fell to the grass.

Likewise a hare came bounding ‘cross the field
And charged the pack of wolves in feverish mien.
The rabid rabbit quit the battlefield;
A wolven midday snack was Snorri’s bane.

Alexander’s golden hippo spied
The pack of wolves a’frisking on the lawn.
Tooth and claw met armored hippo hide;
The river horse dispatched them with a yawn.

Undaunted, Liam’s pack shook off the loss:
Eyed a sloth in arboreal repose.
Alas, Sven proved a fractious foe to cross
And brought the wolf’s son’s tourney to a close.

Like stars, three dragonflies encircle him
As Aesa plies her loving, healing balm.
Crown Tourney Day has ended now for Liam
Who did acquit himself with great aplomb.

--Mistress Philippa Llewelyn Schuyler empty vessel for the Muse

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