Monday, October 31, 2016

Duncan MacBryce ~ englyn penfyr

Duncan MacBryce

(Englyn penfyr)

Day dawns bright on Caid’s Crown Tourney day
     Pennants gay o’er verdant ground
     Catch the breezes eric ‘round.

Silvery sea-horses leap to the fore
     Lion’s roar makes Sabine weep
     Leaves bold Duncan in a heap.

Undaunted, the sea-horseman shakes it off
     Duncan scoffs and takes a stand:
     His lady will rule this land!

A boar-hunting canine rushes the field
     Duncan wheels in battle flush
     ‘Round the eric falls a hush.

Gentle Sabine won’t let herself worry
     Her furious spirit stirs,
     The bard privateer to spur.

Contenders clash, dog and sea-horse engage.
     Battle rages on the lea
     Duncan is brought to his knees.

Duncan’s tourney rounds alas ran their course.
     Tho sea-horseman’s day is past
      His courage is unsurpassed.

Mistress Philippa Llewelyn Schuyler

…is a weaver of words and wadmal.

Fall Crown Tourney '16

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