Saturday, January 2, 2016

Lord Duncan Rose ~ englyn penfyr

Lord Duncan Rose
fallen in Fall Crown Tourney, A.S. L

A Fox Tale
(englyn penfyr)

Come, sit by the fire’s glow.  Hear a tale
            Of each baleful strike and blow:
            Duncan’s crown tourney tableau.

Pennants gay and flags a drift on the breeze.
            Heralds’ geas on fighers swift:
            Advancing or given shrift.

Isolde in vert and purpure be-garbed,           
            Lady bard with quill a-stir
Is pleased Duncan’s heart to spur.

Sir Artus, Romano-Brit, takes the field.
            Sword and shield help not a whit;
            Duncan’s head is mighty split.

Isolde soothes his brow, knits his sore wounds.
            Ne’er to swoon, she urges grit
            Duncan finds he’s once more fit.

 Duncan stides upon the field.  Eric ‘round
            Hopes abound; fighters' fates sealed.
            Ketill struck and Duncan reeled.

Duncan Rose fell in the fray.  His lady bard
            Heart en garde, lauds him this day.
            Pray tell, what does the fox say?
 -- Pippin Skylark

-- always tart and crisp

Fall Crown Tourey '15

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