Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sir Mons von Goarshausen

The Warrior's Reel
(Celtic Buried Rhyme)

A worthy ritter of the Rhine

And lady fine came to Caid.
In battle dance his sword to test
Against the best, as was decreed.

The first to pace him on the field

With sword and shield was Thorbjorn.
The doughty Horseman did not rest
Sir Mons to best, but left forlorn.

A good beginning for the knight

To show his might in martial play
For kingdom crown--if he's the one--
A regal son at end of day.

The ritter partnered Sir Kjartan,

The better man to be revealed.
In fierce combat the warriors clashed.
Alack, alas! Mons quit the field.

Sir Mons was down, but not yet out;

He strove to clout another foe.
Duke Sven--the once and future prince--
Caused Mons to wince.  A mighty blow.

The fighter's danse macabre is done

For good Sir Mons.  Some tourney day
He'll dance again--just give the word!
When lofty hurdy-gurdies play.

-- Mistress Philippa Llewelyn Schuyler

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