Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sir Halfdan Haroldsson

Sir Halfdan Haroldsson
fallen in Spring Crown Tourney, A. S. XLIV


From far cold climes             Comes Halfdan Haroldsson
Seeking good fortune            Fame for great deeds
Journeys to fair Caid             Jewel of the Known World
Like Constantinople              Land of his boyhood

A crown for the taking          A kingdom to rule
Tempting to Halfdan            To try his sword hand
Eager for battle                      Against great warriors
Fighters of renown                From many lands hailing

Steps forth Ilia                       Stalwart bodyguard
Man of the Rus                     Merchant protector
Falls to Haroldsson              Felled by the dragon
Another steps forward        Answers his challenge

Ketill the armoror                Keen to test his meddle
Fights bravely but                 Falls to Halfdan’s blows
Buoyed by his fortune         ‘Burdened by victory
Halfdan calls out Rhys        Horseman of Ravenscroft

The fighting goes fiercely    The foeman triumphant
Suffering the loss                  Steady Halfdan fights on
Caid’s lands                           Call to the Varangian
Another fighter now            Answers the call

Christian, a knight               Closely matched in skills
A worthy opponent             A warrior seasoned
Proves Halfdan’s undoing  Unlooked for outcome
Halfdan is bested                 Heralds proclaim it

Thus ends the saga of          Throne-seeking Halfdan
Far-traveled warrior            Fit for great battles
Another is destined to         Attain the Crescent Crown
Dragon-blazoned Halfdan   Dreams of future victories

--Pippin Skylark

...always tart and crisp


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